How to add an IMAP/POP3 mailbox to my Android device.

Adding an IMAP/POP3 mailbox to an Android device. 

To set up an Android device for use with an IMAP/POP3 mailbox, please follow these instructions. 

1) From your home screen select the application draw button to show all of your applications. 

2) Find the "mail" application and open it.. 

3) If this is your first email account, you will be presented with an email setup screen. Select the "Other(POP3/IMAP)" option. Otherwise, press the Menu button, tap Accounts, press the Menu button, and tap Add account. 

4) In the first box add your email address, and in the second, enter the password associated with your email account. 

5) Tap the Manual setup button. 

The screen should now be populated with some of the following settings. Please replace any that are missing or incorrect with the correct values. 

Protocol: IMAP or POP3 (IMAP is prefered for mobile devices) 
Email address: Your full email address 
Usernname: Your full email address 
Password: Your mailbox password 
IMAP/POP3 server: 
Security Type: None or SSL 

Leave the port unchanged or at 143 

6) Press next. 

You will now be presented with the outgoing mailserver options. Make sure the following settings are populated and correct. 

Login Required: Yes 
Username: Full email address 
Password: Your mailbox password 
SMTP Server: 
Security type: None or SSL

Leave the port unchanged or at port 25 

Now you just need to choose your account name and your name as you wish to appear in the from field. Click "Finish Setup" and you should be done.
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